Session Structure

The GEMS Ministry is designed to meet once per month for three hours. This monthly commitment enables women to feast deeply on God’s Word and provides adequate time for them to digest what they learn.

Three key components to each GEMS session are:

  • Fruitful Fellowship – During the first hour of each session, women share a meal together and enjoy the company of their sisters in Christ. Ladies relish this unique time to come together in the midst of their busy lives as wives and mothers. This one-hour time frame allows ample opportunities for them to form lasting bonds as they share stories from their life experiences and exhort one another with scriptural truths.
  • Truthful Teaching – This second hour is spent unpacking Scripture, and sessions are presented via DVD. Learner guides are provided for women to complete during the teaching.
  • Abundant Application – The third hour involves practically applying the scriptural principles learned. Creative methods such as questionnaires, crafts, letter writing, role play, and discussion stir women’s hearts and encourage them to develop a plan to pursue in the upcoming month. The practical component is crucial because it helps women to not only be hearers of the Word but doers of the Word and equips them to walk worthy of their calling.