The Kind of Friend I Want to Be

Have you ever thought much about what kind of friend you are to others?

Lately, I have really been searching my heart to determine the kind of friend I want to be. The answer I keep coming up with over and over is that I want to impact people. I want them to be changed for the better because they know me. I want to encourage them, challenge them, and together pursue this thing called godliness.

This is just the kind of friend Jesus was. People knew the disciples had been with Jesus because they were different after encountering Him (Acts 4:13). I so want to ooze Jesus in my relationships that His impact on my life rubs off on the lives of others.

My friend Katie recently scratched a short note to me at the end of a GEMS session. It said, “I thank God I met you.” Now you have to understand, Katie isn’t thankful she met me because I am some sort of fashion diva or the funniest girl on the planet. Katie is thankful that God saw fit to set up a divine appointment for two strangers in a coffee shop because I am purposeful about leading her to the feet of Jesus.

My prayer is that through my website and blog I can be that kind of friend to you and vice versa. Together we can encourage and exhort one another to passionately pursue Jesus. In the process, we will become polished into beautiful gems who sparkle to reflect His glory.