Facets of the GEMS Ministry

The five Facets of the GEMS Ministry unpack key areas of a young married woman’s life. The Facets align with the relational priorities demonstrated in Scripture and are rooted in the Titus 2:4-5 mandate.

  • Facet One, Grafted into Godliness, exhorts women to build their lives upon the foundation of Scripture, ABIDE with Christ, study Scripture independently, pray effectively and expectantly, hear God’s voice clearly, and pursue a pattern of spiritual growth where they invite God to restore what is broken in their lives.
  • Facet Two, When Two Become One, explores the marriage relationship in great detail by investigating what it means to love sacrificially, serve selflessly, submit wholeheartedly, communicate quietly, and entwine intimately.
  • Facet Three, Parenting with Eternal Perspective, encourages women to embrace their mandate in Scripture as mothers. Women are then prepared to teach their children that they also have a mandate in Scripture to follow. Mothers are equipped to examine the ripe and rotten fruit that springs up in the hearts of their children so they can begin to effectively sow seeds of righteousness through the use of biblical training and biblical discipline.
  • Facet Four, A Labor of Love, equips women to fulfill their call as keepers of their homes in a society where homemakers are devalued and often degraded. Principles of time management, cooking, cleaning, organization, decorating, and stewardship are unpacked during this exciting Facet.
  • Facet Five, Polished and Perfected, completes the GEMS curriculum by studying the often overlooked qualities of the younger Titus 2 woman: doing good for others, modesty, and discreetness. This Facet also provides a snapshot of the future by highlighting the character traits exemplified by the older Titus 2 woman. The last session of Facet Five leaves women with a charge to mentor others. It addresses the art of mentoring and why it’s imperative that women pour into others what God’s poured into them.